AirTimes General Update

Airline history, specifically route and schedule development viewed through timetables, has been a fifty-year hobby.

AirTimes was launched in 1997 to help organize and share timetable publication information many other collectors and I had accumulated. I was able to rapidly expand the AirTimes scope over the following decade. Then, oweing to a combination of technology issues and work responsilities, there were no updates to AirTimes in subsequent years. Now in retirement, I have the opportunity to reinvest effort into the web site and I hope you will find updates and enhancements of interest.

When AirTimes first launched in the early days of the public internet, band width and storage volume were significant constraints. By necessity timetable images on AirTimes were kept to a modest size. I am now in a position to resize images giving you a clearer view of timetable covers and advertising. While the gallery page format will not change, when you click on individiual timetables you'll find larger-size images replacing the modest orginals.

A tedious process, indeed! Please be patient!

This is part of a broader project to create an online library of complete timetables in PDF format. Frankly, that will be a multi-year project but I hope to make available several hundred complete timetables later this year. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, please check the update page for new, regular changes and additions.

Thanks for visiting AirTimes!

March 16, 2024