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The Collector's Guide to Airline Timetables should be sub-titled, "An Incomplete Reference," for that is exactly what it is. Through many years of timetable collecting, I've also assimilated copious, and generally unorganized notes. Ultimately it is my hope to compile a general index to airline schedule and marketing history, useful for both the collector and amateur airline historian.   For example, when did Piedmont begin FH-227 operations, Northeast introduce the Yellowbird or Western inaugurate Trans-Atlantic flights?  Certainly, that compilation will be an ongoing (never-ending) task, bringing me to the question, "What do I do with the notes I've already accumulated?".

What you are viewing now is the first step. It's a simple listing of the timetable publications of prominent airlines from around the world.  Pages include a sampling of timetable covers illustrating the carrier's brand and logo evolution.  For many airlines, AirTimes also offers an "image gallery" showing the covers of most, and sometimes all of the known system timetable publications. 

Also included is a timetable classification system which I have found useful in organizing my collection. 

While a lot of effort has gone into ensuring accuracy of the listings, there are extensive omissions and, no doubt, at least a few errors. I certainly invite corrections and additions. In the future, I hope to add notes regarding schedule, route, equipment and marketing changes and to build additional interactivity into the site.

To get started, just go to the Carrier Index page.  Airlines are listed by country.  Multi-national airlines (East African Airways, Air Afrique,etc) can be found under any of their nationalities. 

You can navigate through AirTimes by using either the "bread crumbs" at the top of most pages or the left column menu bar.

Suggestions on ways to improve are always welcome!

    Perry A Sloan


I owe sincere thanks to many collectors who have generously shared information with me. They include: 

Special thanks to:
George Cearley 
Michael Dawes
Bruce Drum 
David Keller 
Björn Larsson 
Frank Lichtanski
Craig Morris
Federico Schurmann
David Stringer 
Sam Vaughn
William White
David Zekria
The Smithsonian Institution

Additional contributions from
Wim van Aalzum
Jose Alfonso
Todd Allen
Gklavas Athanasios
Dave Argenbright
Carla Beck
Bobby Billhimer
Paul Choong
Ian Campbell
Jimmy Chen
Dick Chenoweth
Brenton Clark
Rick Covington
John M. Davis
Michael Dawes
Tom Doak Dunelly
Phil Donato
Jerry Elmas
Bob Esler
Doug Ewen
Paul Frie
Dick Gariepy
Tomas Hampl
Norbert Hahn
Wolf-Andreas Hahn
Don Henchel
David Henderson
Colin Irving
John Kain
C. Krämer
Brandon Keller
Danielle Keller
James Kelly
Robert Kirschten
Gerald Lewis
Werner Lindquist
Richard L. Lonski
Ed Martin
Clifton Maze
Rick Morgan
Hisaharu Otaki
Andrew Ouston
Mike Parker
Robert Pierre
Charles Quarles
I.E. Quastler
Mike Sparks
John Stewart
Bob Turner
Ben Wang
Dacre Watson
Brian Wheatley
William White
Pete Wilbur
Mark Zimmerman
Ali Zwayne

The following airlines have provided assistance:
Air Canada
Air New England
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
Austrian Airlines
British Airways
Canadian Airlines International
Delta Air Lines
Eastern Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Hughes Airwest
KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
KLM uk cityhopper
Midstate Airlines
MVA - Mississippi Valley Airlines
National Airlines
Ozark Airlines
Pan American World Airways'
Piedmont Airlines
Republic Airlines
SkyWest Airlines
Southern Airways
Texas International Airlines
TWA - Trans World Airlines
United Airlines
Western Airlines

Thanks to all for your help!

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