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Class 1A - System Timetable
bullet TCA System Timetable
bullet Air Canada System Timetable
Class 1B - Regional System Timetables
bullet Trans-Canada US Edition
bullet Air Canada System Timetable (USA Edition)
bullet Sterling Timetable (UK Edition)
bullet Timetable - Horaires - Flugplan (European Edition)
Class 1C - Home System Timetable
bullet Indicateur Général
Class 1D - Component System Timetable
bullet Overseas and Southern Services
bullet Air Canada International Edition
bullet TCA North American Edition
bullet Canada and USA Services
bullet Air Canada North American Edition
Class 2A - Regional Timetables
bullet Atlantic Services Timetable
bullet Atlantic Timetable, Indicateur Transatlantique,
Transatlantik Flugplan, Orario Transatlantico
bullet Edition Benelux / Uitgave Benelux
bullet Canada - USA
bullet Edition Transatlantique
bullet Nonstop America
bullet North American (USA Edition)
bullet Rapidair
bullet Timetable - Horaires - Flugplan - Orario European Edition  (1973)
bullet Timetable - Horaires - Flugplan European Edition (1975-1980
bullet Transatlantic Timetable (UK edition)
bullet United Kingdom Edition
bullet United States Timetable
Class 2B - Other Regional Timetables (no evidence of chronological/series continuity)
bullet Other Regional Timetables
Class 3 - Local Timetables
bullet Local Timetables
Class 4A - Advance Timetable
bullet International Services
Class 11 - Air Freight
bullet Air Freight


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