Welcome to , now in our twenty-fith year as a virtual museum of the airline industry. 

Our focus is  the route, schedule and marketing development of scheduled air transport as detailed in the timetable publications of the world's airlines.

Most of this site is devoted to The Collector's Guide to Airline Timetables, a reference index to timetable publication dates from over 1100 airlines worldwide dating from the 1920s until the present.

Collector's Guide pages also include 
Image galleries of timetable covers
Numerous route maps, advertising, logos and other graphics
PDF timetable downloads for select carriers
PDF annual reports for select carriers
Wikipedia references
Additional links to related carrier info on the internet

To get started, just go to the Carrier Index page.  Airlines are listed by country.  Multi-national airlines (East African Airways, Air Afrique,etc) can be found under any of their nationalities.

You can navigate through AirTimes by using either the "bread crumbs" at the top of most pages or the left column menu bar.

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